Meet Your Baristas

We are a team of writers with vibrant thoughts, diverse lifestyles, and an active penchant to share our worlds with you. Come take a peek into our lives and connect with us!

Indu Balakrishnan

Co-Founder and Writer

A professional writer and a huge Marvel-DC-Harry Potter fan, Indu’s focus is on bringing creativity and humor to her writing. Anything she writes will have a glimpse of her world in it. She has a Masters in Human Rights and Diploma in Creative Writing. Pollyanna in nature, Indu works towards leaving her audience with a smile on their faces. With a touch of positivity and fun, she knows you can accomplish anything. 

Navina Anand

Co-founder and Writer

Navina Anand is a blogger, fitness trainer, communication teacher, trekking & adventure lover, and a yoga enthusiast. Born and raised in Chennai and having lived in the US for a decade, she currently lives in Bangalore with her husband and two teenage kids. Navina has an MBA in Finance from India and a Master’s in Education from the US. Always up for new adventures, she believes that life is about baby steps towards constantly creating better versions of ourselves.

Subhadra Jayaraman

Co-founder and Writer

Research scientist by profession, coffee aficionado, and all-formats-of-reading addict, Subhadra indulges in cathartic writing. She is fascinated by skyscrapers and pencil sharpeners. Subhadra holds a PhD in Immuno-Oncology, and is also a self proclaimed Witch, Order of Merlin Third Class. She truly believes that there is no sadness in life that can’t be cured by breakfast food.

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