Who is holding up your mirror by Navina Anand

Today, if we have a hankering for any sort of approval, we can post some drivel on social media. And a bunch of people will like it. In return, as a quid pro quo, you will like their posts. There is a taciturn agreement of “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours”. So, amidst this flood of fake likes and approvals, who is really telling you the truth?

Yikes! that haircut looks terrible. You sing badly. I didn’t like your blog. Do we have people in our lives who would give it to us straight? Are we becoming too content surrounding ourselves with the people who will double click their approval, say what we want to hear and agree with all our opinions? Are we happily creating echo chambers that are preventing our evolution of thought?

We all desperately need at least that one person we can count on to really tell us what they think. Somebody whom we respect; somebody whom we know is looking out for us; can prevent us from making a fool of ourselves. And it is indeed a fine line for that person to walk. Most of us get offended easily when we are critiqued. When our opinions are questioned. When our feathers are ruffled. We rush to defend ourselves and maybe reach out to sources we know who will give us our fake approvals and soothe our bruised egos. And how is one even supposed to know what is real and what is fake anymore?

So, it is critical for us to identify people who are more intelligent or knowledgeable than us. Who can potentially elevate our abilities. Who can tell us when we screw up. Who can tell us when we are not as good as we think we are. Who don’t care whether we will like them because they deliver unpalatable feedback. Do you have at least one such person in your life whom you know is your cheerleader but is also one who will hold up the mirror to you? Strip your make up. Remove that filter. And show you who you truly are?


  1. Just have teenagers or young adults in your life. All the truth bombs you need.

    That said, I have one friend who keeps me on the straight and narrow, then there’s my sister. Oy.

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  2. Every idiot has 5 people around him/her saying they are great. If you are that idiot, I guess it is good in a sense. The days are more palatable 🙂


  3. Everyone could have that one person who is going to tell the truth. But unfortunately that person will have to bear the cross of criticism as human mind will flutter with likes and approvals coming under the garb of “positivity “. Important to accept it 😀


  4. well said ❤️❤️very well written. This strikes a chord with the current social settings. Especially with lockdowns and stuff people are more on social media trying to stay sane which is good but also that means they re drowning deeper into that self content cloud. This write up is a reality check for ourselves in such times.


  5. Projecting oneself as ORIGINAL takes courage. Also revealing more of oneself comes with experience and age too!!
    Your article reminds me of the book ‘power of intention’ by Dr Wayne. Be the light that absorb negativity and spread positivity.

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