Heat and Sweet by Navina Anand

While I was re-organizing my kitchen cupboard, I came across my much-ignored jar of Darjeeling Tea. My neighbour had given me an amazing package of Darjeeling Tea straight from Sikkim a few months ago when I was on a sugar-free month. I completely loved the flavourful tea without milk and sugar and it was perfect for my sugar-free beverage fix. I rapidly finished it and loved it so much that I had bought another local refill. It was not a patch on the previous flavourful concoction. My sugar-free trip was anyway over, so there it was, stuck in my kitchen- the typical, ‘didn’t use it and refuse to throw it either’, category. I mentally made a note to use it up quickly. So yesterday, when I had only about 10 minutes between engagements, instead of my usual milky chai, I decided to have Darjeeling tea. But this time, with honey. Basically, a flavoured cup of sweetened hot water. I thought this would be my temporary fix until I have more time in an hour to fix a *proper* cup of chai.

90 minutes later I remembered that I had wanted to have tea. But I just didn’t feel like having it anymore. The hot cup of sweet water had totally satisfied my need. And that’s when it hit me. That is all I need in a hot beverage to make me happy. It needs to be hot, and it needs to be sweet. Everything else is secondary. And when I mentioned it to my husband, he joked – “Isn’t that all what we want out of life?”

We want heat in life. When we are passionate about things- when we look forward to doing the things we greatly enjoy, we generate heat. Whenever we love something, we generate heat. And we also want sweetness. The sweetness of love, joy, happiness. As long as these two things are satisfied, we are content people aren’t we? I don’t absolutely need the adrak, the chai masala, the etc etc… yes.. nice to have.. but I don’t really need it. I just need two things. Heat and Sweet.

What are your two things? Did you ever think about it? Let me know.

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