Jay Shetty’s 8 Unrealistic Expectations we have in Relationships

Podcast Review by Indu Balakrishnan

An ex-monk and now a storyteller and podcaster, Jay Shetty caught my attention when he talked about relationships and love. I loved what I did hear. And his latest podcast on expectations was something I not only liked, but needed to know as well. 

Expectations in relationships are very normal, no matter what kind. Parent-child. Husband-wife. Sister-brother. Romantic relationships. The whole unconditional love, while it sounds brilliant and fantastic, is a lofty goal for many. I said lofty, not impossible or unreal. Just hard to reach. 

Which is why I decided to listen to the podcast – 8 Unrealistic Expectations We Have in Relationships & 8 Ways to Replace Them for Success in Love. I wanted to know what an ex-monk would have to say about expectations. A man that pretty much renounced the word and declared he wanted nothing to do with it. 

Every relationship comes with expectations. And these expectations bear huge responsibilities that more often than not decide the fate of the very relationship. This is because, when these expectations are not met, the core love is questioned. In this podcast, Jay tells us that we need to realize that these expectations are based on our standards and value system, not that of the other person in the equation. We might be missing out on the fact that it might not mean anything to the other person, because of which that expectation is not being met. 

It does not have anything to do with love at all. 

Of course there is a big part of me that not only finds it hard to digest, but follow too. But that does not mean we can’t try, yes? The other option would be to just let go. But I can’t do that either. Probably why I have not decided to renounce everything and go into isolation. Hasn’t this lockdown isolated us enough? 

Listen to his podcast if you have trouble with relationships and the unwitting expectations that come with them. Course, it takes more than a podcast to change how you behave in a real relationship. But it is a start. 

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