Dandapani’s Energy Vampires

By Navina Anand

When I bumped across a YouTube video that said, ‘Energy Vampires’, I had to watch it. 

Why should you manage your energy? Because you will die one day. And, you have one life, as YOU on this planet. Whatever are the theories of what happens after death are just theories for the moment. While we are so careful about spending our finite amount of money, are we that carefully evaluative about how we spend our finite amount of energy? We spend our finite amount of energy every day on people and things who drain us of that energy by the end of the day when we hit the bed exhausted. Are we conscious enough of how this precious resource is spent? This is the central idea behind the talk given by Dandapani, ex-monk and now priest and entrepreneur.

“When you give your time to something or someone.. that is energy that you are taking away from other things you could have spent doing which may add more value to your life”

There are some people who consume a lot of our energy. He calls them energy vampires. There are three kinds of people. Uplifting people who make you feel great after you talk to them. Neutral people who have no impact on you and then there are people who drain your energy when you interact with them. Those are the ENERGY VAMPIRES. When you walk away from an energy vampire, you feel exhausted.

So, what do you do when you have an energy vampire in your life? It’s simple. You don’t engage with them. There is no need for conflict or confrontation. You simply walk away from those energy draining entities. Figure out a way to minimize engaging with them in your life.

There are also mental energy vampires. The things on our mind that suck our energy. Every experience we have has an emotional attachment to it, which is vibrating in our subconscious mind. These drain your energies too. He proposes an interesting experiment to get rid of these mental energy vampires.  He calls it ‘vasana daha tantra’.

While we cannot eradicate the experience, we can learn to let go of the emotion attached to the experience.  He proposes that we take a piece of paper and write down the problem.  This takes the experience from the subconscious into the conscious mind as you relive it. The emotion is now transferred from your mind to the paper. Now burn it.  He says that this act transforms the emotion into heat, flame, and ash. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed. For those of us who are wondering what kind of hocus pocus this is, he gives the example of how the greeting cards that children give us hold so much emotional attachment for us. We are storing that emotion in that artefact.  I thought this could be a fascinating experiment to try out. He recommends that one may have to do it more than once depending on how deep the emotion attached to that experience is.

Dandapani recommends that all of us evaluate on a regular basis, maybe with that cup of morning coffee, what our energy vampires are?  How can we remove them from our lives so that we can spend our precious, finite energy resources on things that add value to our life? You wake up in the morning with a finite number of Joules- sounds a lot like ‘Jewels’ 🙂  . Isn’t it critical that you evaluate what you are spending these jewels on?

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