Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobul

Book Review by Navina Anand



This was my first ‘buddy-read’ book with my dearest bibliophile friend. For those of you who are struggling to get back to reading, buddy reading is a great option. Basically, the two of you decide how many pages you will read in a day , realistically , given your schedules. You could decide, say,  a chapter a day. At the end of every day, there is a brief discussion ( we did it on a messenger platform as we live in different time zones- so this can work across continents) about that chapter. This was a beautiful way to read a book together because through the discussion you have the opportunity to chew the content a bit more , delve on the nuances and debate the controversies.

 Getting back to the book, it is an amazing page turner. For those of us who binge watch Netflix shows because every episode is a cliffhanger, this book is exactly for us ! Every chapter makes you want to rush on to the next chapter to find out what is going to happen! . It is a classic suspense novel  that keeps the reader going back and forth on who they imagine the victim to be. We flit between horror, shock, disbelief and excitement. If this book is made into a movie, it can be named ‘Crazy and Crazier’ 🙂  The book moves at a lightning pace, and it felt like being back in college when you blitzed through a book because it was so exciting. When I came to know that this book was based on a real-life event, my jaw dropped.

 If you have been looking for  a light, easy breezy and yet absolutely compelling read, this is the book for you. Pick it up and you can convert your weekend into a mini-vacation as you lose yourself in the bizarre, twisted and a ‘total train wreck that you cannot turn away from’, world of Darling Rose gold.

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