Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon

Book Review by Indu Balakrishnan

Introduced to Sidney Sheldon by none other than my mother, his books open the doors to a world of beautiful, feisty, and courageous women who follow their paths based on their faith and love. 

Rage of Angels is a book of romance, passion, ideals, loyalty, betrayal, and vengeance. You are the sum total of your choices, and Sidney Sheldon explains that with a story that makes you beam with pride, laugh like there’s no tomorrow, and crumble in pain. 

The book begins and ends with Jennifer Parker, a young lawyer ready to take on the world. Full of conviction with a touch of rare innocence, she moves to the big city to take on the bad. One fatal mistake almost snatches away her dream. But her optimism and steadfast nature help her become one of the most daring criminal lawyers yet. And then comes the consequences of her choices.

After falling in love with a married senator, she is forced to break it off as it could have never worked. The child born out of the muted love becomes her world. When her world is in danger, she befriends the head of the mafia, a hot and dashing leader with his own ideals.

As a reader, you cannot but empathize with her choices, feel her joy and crumble in agony as the world around her comes crashing down. A masterpiece in every way, the book never fails to take the reader along the emotional rollercoaster. The last line of the book still haunts me. 

“But she was looking into the past, trying to understand when it was, that all the laughter died.”

If you are looking for a book that can transport you to a world away from reality, a journey that makes you question what is really right and wrong; you are looking for Rage of Angels. 

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