Celebrating A Year Of Writing by Navina Anand

When we read the word “Performing Arts” we usually think of singing , dancing , acting etc.
Public speaking is a performing art too. That is why for many of us , it gives us nightmares to
stand up in front of an audience. We have heard of stories of rock stars throwing up in anxiety
just before they go on stage to deliver an amazing performance. Over the course of last year,
we also realized that writing is also a performing art. It may not be in front of a live audience,
but it is definitely a performance.

When we decided to birth ‘Filter coffee and French Toast’ a year ago, there was a bit of
performance anxiety. Whether it is dancing, singing, reciting poetry, stand-up comedy or
writing an article, there is a piece of yourself that you are putting up to be judged. And that is
what freaks us out. Will the world accept it? What qualifications do I have to be talking about
this ? Is my language, ok? Is my style, ok? And then you get over it and write the next article. It
has been a process of learning, growing and improving.

In the process of putting yourself up for judgement, over a period of time, based on the
feedback, you evaluate yourself. Are we good, bad , ugly? It either validates our thoughts or
lets us know that we overestimated our capabilities and maybe it is time to explore another
passion. One more thing off the bucket list- moving on. After all, how are we going to
experience everything on the buffet of life if we just keep doing the same thing for decades ?
But he we are , one year later and we are delighted with the positive feedback we have
received. Hopefully we have matured more as writers and we look forward to another year of
writing. Another year of performing. Another year of growing.

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