Gratitude by Indu Balakrishnan

The silver lining is not always seen so clearly. The light at the end of the dark tunnel is not visible until you make the journey with the hope that the light will be there to receive you eventually. This is when it’s not just hope but gratitude that would get you going. But like I said, it is not easy at all. Sometimes, it is easier to complain and whine about something than be grateful about it. 

So what on earth is everyone talking about? 

Let’s take three people : A, B and C

A: Single. Has a fancy car, travels as he pleases,  and earns well. Being asked about why he’s not settling down. 

B: Married. No children. Fairly well off. Good career path. Have to deal with comments about the pending good news. 

C: Married. 2 children and one pet dog. Making just above average. But happy. 

All three scenarios – one has what the other two do not have. And lack something that the others have. This goes for them all. So, if you will ask them what they are grateful for, and what they are missing; they will have something for both. 

So is gratitude only for those who have everything? Not really. Because, honestly, it is not possible to have everything, is it? Even Prince Charles is quite unhappy. ( Really sorry about that though, Charles! ) 

What is gratitude?

It is an attitude of gratitude that arises from how you look at things. It is a natural feeling that comes when you can recognize the real value of what you have in your life. When you focus on the good, you cannot help but have a better attitude and experience of life. 

Why should we feel gratitude?

Life is hard. And it is quite easy to dwell on the hard things in life. The mind tends to remember the bad more than the good more often than not. In such scenarios, it makes life a touch easier when you have good memories and positive emotions. 

How should we feel gratitude?

It is not about living in denial. It is not about ignoring the ugliness in the world. It is just about making a conscious choice to see the good things in life and it soon becomes automatic. Expressing this gratitude helps lift spirits and raises vibrations as well. The quote – this too shall pass – is a powerful way to get into the grateful mode. 

Top three ways to express gratitude

Gratitude, then, is something you can encourage, something you can learn. Writing it down is another way of reminding yourself of what you have. Known as a gratitude journal, it involves ignoring the cons and highlighting the pros. It will help realign your thoughts and improve your vibes. Writing it just before you crash might also help you sleep better. Another way is to pay it forward. And last but not the least, have a gratitude conversation. 

What are you grateful for? 

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