A Penny

A Penny by Indu Balakrishnan

Stan Lee may have been just five, but he knew more than most. He watched his parents struggle to put that morsel of food on his plate. He knew it’s worth. He saw the sacrifice behind it. They didn’t eat so that he could. The next day, his mother gave him a penny to take the bus. That evening, he came back to see his parents drinking water. That’s all they could do to satiate their hunger. Stan walked up to his mother, handed over the penny. “Look what I saved, Ma”. Her tears said it all. 

A Penny by Navina Anand

She heard the sound of the ice cream pushcart clanging in the distance. In a few minutes it would reach her house. Meena ran to her mom’s cupboard to see if she could find 5 paisa-the cost of one ‘paal ice’ -milk popsicle. Her parents were at work and she was all alone at home during the summer break. She ransacked the whole house. Nope. Not a penny in the house. The clanging was getting closer. She looked everywhere for that square, 5 paisa coin. She stood silently near the window as the clanging passed her by.

A Penny by Subhadra Jayaraman

Mrs. Periwinkle strolled out with her wicker basket full of fresh juicy peaches. She passed the red-faced mailman who huffed and puffed up the alley. And the greengrocer’s boy as he hopped along with a bag of potatoes. When she reached the house at the end of her street, she knocked on the door and swiftly disappeared round the bend like a spirit. The door opened and a tiny brown head peeked around it. The boy smiled at the basket of peaches, lifted it up, and in its place, left a single penny, for the mysterious Peach Fairy.

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