A Full Moon

A Full Moon by Indu Balakrishnan

Sunil had no idea who he was before the accident. The nurse at the hospital had sincere sympathy for him but there was nothing anyone could do to help him. The doctor decided to let his twin sister take him home. It was almost midnight by the time they reached their destination. Sunil waited for his sister to unpack his luggage from the car when he looked at the sky. The full moon smiled at him. He stared at it when he remembered the gunshot that blasted his car off the road. His accident wasn’t an accident. 

A Full Moon by Navina Anand

Jyothi had eaten at 5am that morning. She had not even had a sip of water since sunrise. Her stomach rumbled and her head ache was getting worse by the minute. But she was excited about her first karwa Chauth. Keeping a fast for her husband on the fourth day after full moon seemed like an act of love. But now it was 9pm and no sign of the moon. Unless she saw the moon, she couldn’t eat. She looked at her husband watching tv, munching chips and her inner feminist snapped. Next year would be different.

A Full Moon by Subhadra Jayaraman

In the Court of the Creatures, there was a debate. Beasts and wraiths of all kinds gathered to argue about their importance to humans. The Vampires hissed that they were special because they loved women and children. The Zombies growled that there could be nothing more special than resurrection of the dead to humans. The Ghouls sniggered saying they are the only ones who lived in the attics in the very homes of humans. But the Werewolves were the winners, because they were the only ones who could turn a romantic full moon into a monstrous bloodbath. 

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