A March

A March by Indu Balakrishnan

Shruthi was an armchair blogger. She wanted to make a big difference in the world with her writing because she wanted to inspire people to think for themselves. Stand up for what they believed in. The blogs made an impact in the form of likes and shares. She wanted action. She wanted movement. December 10th was the day picked. World Human Rights Day. Shruthi’s loyal followers congregated near Gandhi Statue at Marina Beach. It was time to make an impact by asking what each member wanted to do. It was time for a real march. A beginning. 

A March by Navina Anand

It was sweltering in the playground as they assembled for ‘March Past’ practice for sports day. A bunch of students arranged in height order, three in a row, herded like dumb sheep round and round the tracks. Priya was feeling almost dizzy from the heat and also irritated that she had to participate in this mindless nonsense. Republic day. Her dad had switched on the tv to watch the parade at the Capital. As she watched the march past, something stirred in her. A sense of patriotism, pride, solidarity. Oh… so THAT is what this is about. 

A March by Subhadra Jayaraman

“Absolutely not!” said Pip. Bobby was refusing to work yet again. “Do you really think you can slack when the rest of us toil?” Pip was turning red with anger, although you couldn’t see because he was black. “But I am too scared of the boots!” Bobby groaned. Pip dragged him to the line, pushed him in, and started marching right behind him. “We are ants, Bobby, for God’s sake! Our life is march, gather, and return!”, Pip said, and then added kindly “Let’s hope today they forget their boots, and we get to bite a toe!”

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