A Flower

A Flower by Indu Balakrishnan

The experiment was a success. Sam managed to revive the seeds of what seemed like an extinct species. He grew the plant and now had the flower in his hands. It was a success. Little did he realise that the flower was more than alive. It was looking at him. Sam bent down and smelled it. It smelled like a lemon. And then something changed. Hyper-intelligence, increased strength and telekinesis. The flower gave him access to the part of the brain he had never used before. It was too dangerous for anyone. Sam destroyed the flower instantly. 

A Flower by Navina Anand

It was Rose Day at college. Every boy could pay Rs. 5 and have a rose delivered to any girl that he admired or liked. She received 20 roses that day. None from the one guy she was most keen about. Her boyfriend! He came at the end of the day to meet her. Fireworks ensued. He borrowed a friend’s bike and raced to the florist, who was 30 minutes away from the remote college campus and bought a bouquet for Rs. 50, cursing himself that he should have finished it at Rs. 5. The price of romance? 

A Flower by Subhadra Jayaraman

Rose petals raining on her was always Juliette’s fantasy, a dream she associated with happiness. Her favorite place in her French house was the rose garden – the bushes lined the wall by the gate, creeping up the sides, and flowing over the ends in waves of red and green. It was spring of 1941, and the flowers were in full bloom, as were the Germans in France. As Juliette stood admiring the roses, she suddenly heard a sickening crack and a bang – the entire wall in front of her collapsed forward, raining her with rose petals. 

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