A Lost Sock

A Lost Sock by Indu Balakrishnan

He was always different from the rest of the boys. He was kind, charming and sensitive. He wasn’t like the other boys in his class. And while the boys made fun of him, the girls looked at him with admiration. But he had eyes just for one girl. It felt as if she was the one he was always looking for. He had everything he ever needed but felt something was missing. Until he met her. And now he felt complete and satisfied. With her by his side, he was invincible. She was his lost sock indeed. 

A Lost Sock by Navina Anand

Julia was single by choice. She was 38 and most of her friends were married, some of them twice. Somehow the institution never appealed to her. She was a successful scientist who worked in a prestigious pharmaceutical firm. She loved her job and found it immensely rewarding. Over the years though, slowly she was finding that her friends and family had become too busy with their own families and the only time she saw them was the occasional weekend waterhole catch up. Sometimes she wondered if she was the lone sock that was not fitting in anywhere. 

A Lost Sock by Subhadra Jayaraman

Jamila had been to Mars fourteen times. However, this was her first trip to Saturn. As they neared the planet, she marveled at the beautiful rings. Suddenly an object in their path caught Jamila’s eye. It was floating quite nonchalantly in space – a tiny lost sock. It was purple with tiny pink hearts. As they approached the rings, her eyes widened – the inner one was made of scrunchies and hair ties, the middle had lost phone chargers and various assorted cables, and the final one was full of lost single socks. So that’s where they all were!

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