UFO by Indu Balakrishnan

She was the girl who cried wolf all the time. There’s someone under the bed. I heard a noise in the kitchen. So, when she saw a flash of light in the sky that would not stop blinking, no one believed her. There was no way to prove what she saw. She then connected with the ISRO. They cut the call. The expected reaction. But she was not disheartened. She is now studying astrophysics. She knows that there is life out there. She will not be the girl who cried UFO but the one who evinced it. 

UFO by Navina Anand

It shone in the darkness. A dim light coming off the top of its weird rotund shape. It was vibrating with a low hum. Is this a UFO? It started wailing weirdly.  Her bleary eyes squinted hard into the dark hole. She tried to stand up and hit her head hard. Wincing in pain, she reached out to grab it. It was the damn alarm that her mom had bought her yesterday- the kind that falls down and runs under your bed to make sure you cannot turn it off and go back to sleep! Uggggh ! 

UFO by Subhadra Jayaraman

Graeme had to be at Orb H12.3.575. His zeppelin was two light years old and made so much noise that it altered the frequency of the surrounding space. Orb H was celebrating Orb Day and there will be nebula shows, starburst ballets, and crater trampolines. Graeme was an intergalactic janitor and he would be collecting celestial debris and segregating them into meteorites, gas clouds, and black holes. His main concern though was that he will have to pass Orb E22.4.0278, Earth, yet again, and he hated it when they called him a UFO! Every time! Obnoxious name-callers!

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