The High Road

The High Road by Indu Balakrishnan

Honestly, taking the high road is harder than it looks. I mean, what is it all about? Be kind to someone who was being really inconsiderate? In my heart, I am thinking – give it to them. But the problem is after I do, I end up feeling guilty. I should have calmed down. Counted till 10. Or 100. I am better than that. It is for this and this reason only that I take the high road. I cannot deal with the million conversations that run in my head. It’s still counted as the high road, yes? 

The High Road by Navina Anand

How dare he say that to her. She started phrasing all the venom that she wanted to spew. When she was angry, somehow the words were eloquently caustic. Her acerbic tongue and brain were having a party. She composed her bitterness into words and hit ‘send mail’. The next day she opened the door to find a delivery of flowers at her doorstep. Surprised, she ran to her computer. There was a ‘failure to deliver” message waiting for her. She had typed in his email id wrong in angry haste. Her heart beat returned after its break. 

The High Road by Subhadra Jayaraman

Oliver was 90 years old today. He was surrounded by his friends and family. There was colorful food around and since they were by a stream, there was also no dearth for fresh water. As everyone chattered and sang, he smiled around at them slowly. He had always been slow. He was a tortoise, after all. Suddenly, Ricky jumped in front of him and said “Old Olly! Pray tell me how you won years ago against my ruddy, haughty Great Great Grampa! Did you take a faster road?” Oliver said, “I took the high road” and winked. 

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