A Story of Firsts by Indu Balakrishnan

No matter how much we enjoy something, there’s always something special about the first time isn’t it? Stuff like the first chocolate – we obviously would not remember. But there are so many firsts I can think of. My first time out of India. My first excursion with friends. My first time in a saree. The first time Vaishnavi held my finger. And then Niranjan. My first job. My first trek. My first Scuba diving. My first movie with my dad. My first Mrs. Chennai competition. My first performance on the stage. My first paycheck. So on and so forth. 

I smile as I think of every one of them now. They were amazing times. And I still enjoy most of these events. Even though it’s happened more than a few times. 

When they happen, I don’t automatically remember the first time they happened. That’s the beauty of some things isn’t it? While the first time was great, the fact that you get to appreciate it again and again and enjoy them (sometimes even more); it says a lot about how you relish life. 

Those who go around saying – been there, done that – they kinda piss me off. It’s like they lose it’s value because they have done it before. I feel sad for them, more than anything else. 

When I first saw this topic, I was super excited to write about the first time I ran my 21k. But then I realised that so much more has happened. And again and again after that. And how every time I seemed to enjoy it. 

But if I had to talk about one specific My First Time – I’d have to talk about my first pregnancy. And when it was confirmed by those two beautiful lines, I knew it was meant to be. I wanted to be many things in life. A police officer. A traffic constable. An IPS officer. A reporter. A teacher. Amongst others. But the one I knew I would be awesome in was a mom. 

And those two lines meant the world to me. The best part is that I still have a lot of my first … coming up. I love adventures. I love experimenting. I love trying out new things. I know for a fact that my age will not be a deterrent to anything in life. 

Here’s to a life that we would love. And live to the fullest. 

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