Contradiction by Indu Balakrishnan

As a parent I find my life full of contradictions. I keep telling my kids not to yell, but I find myself yelling when I am conveying the message to them. I tell them not to lie but I think it is fine for me to tell them a few white lies now and then. I hate it when they get angry. It makes me angry. How do I be true to my feelings and be the role model for my kids? How can I teach them honesty if I am being less than honest with them?   

Contradiction by Navina Anand

You cannot step out of the house without oiling your hair, said her Dad. ‘Ok’ she said and complied meekly. ‘You are wearing those pants to college?’. The question meant, you better change into a ‘modest’ salwar kameez.  Fast forward 30 years. ‘Surely you are not going out at night in an Uber in that crop top? She asked her daughter.  ‘Fine’ mumbled her daughter as she grabbed a jacket to wear. “But I am only thinking of her safety” thought both parents, three decades apart. Contradiction? Hypocrisy? Or a basic ferocious need to protect one’s DNA.

Contradiction by Subhadra Jayaraman

Nana Charlotte was a wrinkled, crinkled, cheerful old lady, whose wrinkles and crinkles only deepened by the day as she smiled and grinned graciously at her grandchildren and neighbors! They all loved her. She was not just cheerful, but also wise as an owl. So, when her son stormed into the house one day complaining that his daughter had the nerve to defy him saying ‘she knew what she was doing’, Nana Charlotte grinned, raised her teacup and said “To Contradiction! May you live forever in the hearts of the young and the minds of the brave!”

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