A Warning

Indu Balakrishnan

She saw him as she was paying for her items at the counter. There was something about him that instantly caught her attention. Sparks flew. She had a hard time looking away. The next time she was at the departmental store, she saw him again. It seemed like their shopping timing was at sync. She wondered what else would. She took the step of initiating the first step. She asked him for the time. He asked her out for coffee. And then she saw his picture on the most-wanted ad. She could have really used a warning.

Navina Anand

It all started with ‘Don’t talk to strangers. Then moved on to ‘Don’t accept candy’. Don’t open the door without using the peep hole.  Don’t wear revealing clothes. Don’t get into a cab alone, late at night. Don’t step out without pepper spray. Don’t reveal your identity online. Don’t act friendly with strange men. Don’t drink it if you didn’t pour it out yourself. Don’t hurt your husband’s male ego. Don’t crack adult jokes in public even if you are an adult. Don’t be brazen in your attitude. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. A life peppered with endless warnings

Subhadra Jayaraman

Michael was dumbstruck at the gift in front of him. It was a monogrammed diary, his initials gleaming in gold letters on the rich leather. He absolutely loved it. Elena was always so thoughtful. She was the best anyone could get. But he had to let go. He had to leave her, and he prepared himself to tell her that politely but firmly. There had been a warning. He had seen a comet pass through Orion’s belt just the previous night. It meant that this relationship would be harmful to him. Astrology was never wrong after all. 

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