Boon of Today by Indu Balakrishnan

Global warming. Ice caps melting. Holes in the ozone layer. Deforestation. Floods. Extinction of flora and fauna. Pollution by factories and vehicles. Lack of drinking water. Soil erosion. 

The list is endless. The colossal amount of damage done by the human race to planet Earth is not just atrocious, it is a crime against nature. We hear a lot about how terrible her state is today. Because of our impact on earth, we are the ones in real danger. These environmental challenges created enormous implications to our society, our economy and our lives. 

We have been working separately and together to rectify our ways. We tried to come up with different tactics to reduce pollution. The Indian Constitution has made it a duty to protect our environment. The United Nations has made global warming a priority issue to be solved. Hunting of certain animals has been made illegal. 

While the attempts to save the planet have been commendable, it has not been quite successful. These goals cannot be met just by laws and rules. They need to be practically followed and executed. And that is where we are failing. No amount of penalties made a difference in the attitude of humans to save the planet. 

And Then The CoronaVirus Hit. It hit hard, bringing literally everyone to their knees. The fear of falling sick has put everyone in their place. The economy has been hit and markets are struggling. There have been a lot of cons to the COVID-19. 

But the lockdown has been the boon of today in many ways. And no matter how many cons, this cannot be denied. 

People have been sent to their rooms to think about what they have done. This has meant that there are lesser people on the streets. Lesser amount of garbage on the streets. Due to increased savings and careful and healthy consumption, wastage of food has reduced. Home bound economy has made us think about avoiding plastics in our homes. We are growing our own herbs and plants to bring healthy living into our lives. Lesser traffic on the road has meant lesser pollution by vehicles. Ban on gathering has meant lesser pollution on the roads. 

Shutting down of factories has meant cleaner oceans and a healthy marine ecosystem. The animals seem to be flourishing along with the forests and the greenery. Digitalization and online transactions has meant lesser use of paper, thereby reduced need to cut trees. Health has taken priority over rat races and mad competitions. Nourishing the mind, body and soul has taken the front seat. And that is the right thing to do. 

The economy is slowly learning to adjust with the changing consumer behaviour and adapt to grow. It will take time, but it will happen. Until then, try to look at the silver lining. 

What the governments could not do with excessive budgets, a pandemic did. 

In the bigger picture, the COVID-19 seems to have become the boon of today. A slap on the wrist if you will. 

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