Making Something Last

Indu Balakrishnan

Somethings can last forever 
She took the lockdown pretty hard. The biggest problem was that she had a sweet tooth. But she could not step out to get more dark chocolates. And she was used to having 2 pieces everyday. With the new restrictions, she was unable to restock her dwindling quantity of chocolates. She was now down to her emergency pile of chocolates. There was only one thing to do. She had to reduce the amount of chocolates she ate every day. She had to make it last. Something is better than nothing after all. She didn’t have a choice.

Navina Anand

He was six years old. Each of the cousins was given one lemon to make lemonade for themselves.  It was a hot summer and he wanted to make it last. So, he squeezed the lemon and added a lot of water. He took a sip. It tasted really really bad. And since all his cousins were laughing at him, he forced himself to gulp it down. Next day, he made lemonade with one glass of water. The taste lasted on his tongue. Lesson learnt. A little of a good thing is better than a lot of garbage.

Subhadra Jayaraman

She was one of hundreds like her. Today she will have to make a choice. To step out into the turf or prepare for a lifetime of misery. Her son lay sleeping on the threadbare rug on the floor, his little tummy heaving. She had to survive. For him. She had to feed him. The last handful of grains in her kitchen pot will not last. She turned to the mirror, slapped on her flaming red lipstick, pulled down her shirt to reveal just enough, wore her stilettos, and stepped out into the night.

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