Indu Balakrishnan

When you say payback, it almost sounds nasty and vengeful. But justice sounds much better. There is a fine line between the two, isn’t it? When I teach my kids a lesson, it is good parenting. When a criminal is arrested, it is fair play. When Deadpool kills those who harm others, it is revenge. When Mel Gibson conducts a payback, it’s cool and absolutely well-deserved. Forget Hot Gibson. I am for payback all the way. Yes, I also believe in Karma. But I think I am the messenger and am taking care of it for her. 

Navina Anand

Mohan’s wife was pregnant and he was desperate that it should be a boy. He vowed to donate half his savings of Rs. 10,000 in the bank if god would grace him with a boy. It WAS a boy! Mohan was overjoyed! THANK GOD! Just before they could be discharged from the hospital, the doctor informed him that the child seems to have a heart murmur which needs further testing. Mohan’s world came crashing down. He withdrew his entire savings and dropped it in the hundi of the temple and prayed that the child should be healthy.

Subhadra Jayaraman

Amara hated many things. Clowns, bawling babies, Jazz, crowded trains. Although she hated listening to her boyfriend John talk the most. His day at work, his dog Puddle, his brother in Harvard – ugh! He was a filthy rich dentist, which was the only reason she was putting up with his sickening niceties. She was in fact surprised and scornful at his naivete for thinking she loved him. She opened the envelope now – his gift. A ticket to ride the E train and another ticket – for a three-hour Jazz concert in a bar called “Clowns”! Well-deserved payback indeed.

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