Something New

Indu Balakrishnan

I look forward to learning something new as often as I can. It could be a new tool for marketing, a new style of writing or an article to read. I love looking up new recipes. Sometimes there are new ways to cook the same old thing. And that’s when I realized that I am not always looking for something new, but a new way to look at something I have been doing all my life. A new way to rekindle old relationships, for instance. Everyone deserves something that makes them look forward to tomorrow.  What’s yours?

Navina Anand

He wanted it so badly. A Casio music keyboard. He fantasized about it so much. He played those imaginary keys on his textbook, on the wall, on his arm. He badgered his parents to get it for him. But they were unsure if this was one more passing phase and a huge waste of money. Finally, his birthday dawned. With great excitement his parents presented him his gift. He stared at it, trying hard to arrange his face into a delighted surprise. But the love had passed. The shiny new Casio gleamed at him, almost mocking him.

Subhadra Jayaraman

Marie won the online bidding! She had never won anything in her life before and her friends were always on about how she should move and get a fresh start after the breakup fiasco with Adam. Well, she will show them tomorrow! She had placed a bid on a house. Blue Birch, Pier 3, Ralston Ave. For $200,000. She put in all the savings she had into this bid. And she just got an email that the papers were ready to be signed. She pulled up to the pier and stared. Blue Birch was a 30-foot sailboat. 

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