Something Green

Indu Balakrishnan

I was very green when I started working at the Banyan. As part of my internship, I was introduced to this NGO. I wanted to make a difference and this was my first choice. I was neither experienced nor trained to deal with this kind of intense tragedy. But it was what I needed to snap out of my bubble world and grow up.I needed to see the world as it was, not how I chose to see it. I realized that everything was not black and white after all. And I was no longer green. 

Navina Anand

‘Grumpy old man’ is an oft used term. Is it the sadness of unrealized dreams? Loss of physical or mental potencies? As we age, we seem to be losing something along with those. The sense of wonder. The magic of anticipation. Too much, ‘Been there done that’? Is it possible to exhaust all the wonders of the world? Or is it a hardening of our spirits along with the arteries? A sense of ‘I know everything’ or a relentless Déjà vu? Should we all wish to be indefinitely green behind the ears when it comes to experiences?

Subhadra Jayaraman

Marty wanted out. The board tried to explain to him the projections for the next quarter and pleaded that they needed his presence at the investment pitch, but he was determined to leave. He wanted bigger and better things. He wanted the money and the swag. He wanted to be far away from this struggle even though he was comfortable. He left and didn’t look back, until one day during his three-minute lunch break, when he watched the news flash and saw his friends’ faces gleaming on the screen having won the Forbes award. Marty wanted out.

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