The Truth by Indu Balakrishnan

From playing with dinosaurs as a kid, Jason made it his life’s mission to discover what happened to them. He worked hard to become the world’s most renowned paleontologist. He might not have had the technology to take Dino DNA out of the mosquito like John Hammond. Still, he hit the jackpot when he saw the colossal impact cavity along the coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. He saw something no one else did—the presence of an early version of human DNA. The meteor had delivered humans to Earth and eradicated the magnificent mammals. We had killed them. 

Filled Up by Navina Anand

I have a lot of cavities. And so do you. No, I am not talking about dental cavities.  I am talking about psychological cavities. Cavities that are craving to be filled all the time. In our minds. And we try to fill it with a lot of things with whatever we think is going to make us feel ‘filled up’ at that point in time. But it is only after many years of filling it up, do we start to question if we are filling it up with things that really matter to us. Time to Ponder.

Memory by Subhadra Jayaraman

I couldn’t remember. I was thinking to myself that on my way out I will check if I got any mail that day. I would check the… the word eluded me. I froze mid-stride. Mailbox! That was it! I would check the mailbox! And I strutted out to my car chuckling to myself for being paranoid. People forget sometimes, it wasn’t such a big deal. “This was Simon’s diary entry” said Professor Maynard. “He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years later after the doctors found a gaping cavity in his brain’s memory center in the MRI scan.”

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