Guilty Pleasure by Indu Balakrishnan

A guilty pleasure is an activity or piece of media that someone enjoys but would be embarrassed by if other people found out about it. Generally, guilty pleasure might be viewed as shameful by some people, like trashy novels or overdone rom coms.

The phrase gets thrown around so much; it seems to have lost its meaning. This is good because the idea itself seems wrong. There should be no such thing as guilty pleasures. They are things we enjoy but should feel bad about. What’s so wrong about doing something you love as long as no one else is getting hurt? For example, if you enjoy your work so much that you work overtime, should you feel bad about it? I think not. 

My guilty pleasure would include a thin-crust pizza with a ton of cheesy, spicy toppings, a dark chocolate mousse, and a superhero movie—Wait, not just that. I should not have to tell little versions of me to shut up and sit in one place and not bicker and fight. 

My guilty pleasure would be to go straight to the dessert section without worrying about the main course and eat to my heart’s content. I do not worry about the calories or the cholesterol that I could add to my system. I work out big time, and I know that putting on weight is the least of my concerns. I see people either frown upon my choices or watch me amused. But hey! My body, my rules. 

My guilty pleasure when I’m alone is to watch a tear-jerker movie like Ghost. Gawk at the characters. Smile at the romance. Laugh at the comedy. Cry my heart out. And then marvel at the idea of how true love does exist, even if they do not get to spend the rest of their lives together. 

My guilty pleasure would be to go back in time and look at my old autograph books. I love reading all the lovely things that my friends have said about me. Take pictures of some of the best photos in the photo albums – especially ones in which I look terrific – and send them to friends and then yak about the memories. 

My guilty pleasure would be to go for a long drive in the car and sing loudly to 90’s music. Even do a little dance when I think (hope) no one is looking at the signal or on desolated roads. Being able to sing at the top of my voice without worrying about what someone else would think is truly a joy. I need not even sing at the right pitch or know the words. It does not matter to me at all. 

My guilty pleasure is to lock myself up in a room and eat chocolate without being neat and clean. I’d wait for it to melt and get very messy about it. 

These are all little things that I do to keep myself up and upbeat. It’s time to be proud of the fact that you are real with yourselves when you indulge in doing what you love without worrying about what others might think. 

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

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