Fugitive Spirits by Indu Balakrishnan

You see the word Fugitive Spirits, and all you can think of is the exciting exotic drink that takes you to various levels of high. The intoxicant that helps you either escape from your current reality (if that’s what you want) or takes you to a whole new world where everything is crystal clear (or blurry, depending on how much you have had). 

I have this friend who more often than not ends up crying after two drinks. It’s like the fugitive spirits liberate the sorrows that she thinks she does not talk about enough when sober and she has this insatiable desire to let them out even more. Kind of a buzz-kill if you ask me. But hey. This is the effect it has on her. She suffers from an overwhelming sense of ennui, so to speak, and it comes out even more when filled with fugitive spirits. 

This other friend becomes emotional in a positive way. He is more liberated in a sense, and does not hold back. True deep desires come out – the happiness and the fears. They have been expressed when sober too of course, but now with a lot more conviction. It’s a fantastic feeling to be at the receiving end of it, without a doubt. 

Your fugitive spirits could be anything. Whatever brings out the spark in you. But why should it be external always? Let’s take a look at the other version.

My definition of fugitive spirits is the internal spark already inside you. This spark makes you alive. Makes you more passionate and excited. My fugitive spirits can be awakened with a dark chocolate shake or just being with my best friends too. It removes some of the inhibitions I have in me and makes me louder. Braver. And more vocal about whatever I am feeling at that point. And I just live in the moment. 

But feeling alive is no fun without company. It’s the people who share the moment with you that are your fugitive spirits. The drink or the dark chocolate shake can be just the icing on the cake. In my world, (and I think most would agree), it’s the friends that bring out the best in me. I remember this one dinner where I ended up dancing with my friend in a roof-top restaurant with live music. She was a total sport and happily danced along. It was a blast. 

Thinking of the good effect that both the friends and the accompanying liquids have, the word ‘fugitive’ probably comes off a tad harsh. We should think of renaming it to ‘liberating’ spirits or something. My friends are my fugitive spirits. Sorry, liberating spirits. They bring out the best in me. And everything else inside of me. Except no hangover with friends. And no extra calories either. Just contentment. 

So, here’s a toast to all my liberating spirits who are at my side no matter what. 🙂 

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