Sin by Indu Balakrishnan

Originating in Christian theology, the seven deadly sins are pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and wrath. Pride is often also known as vanity, while gluttony refers to excessive self-indulgence. 

If I had to be completely honest, I have been guilty of all the seven sins. And I don’t feel guilty about it at all. I do not get why and how they get classified as sins in the first place. They seem to be human emotions, to say the least. Without them, we might be robotic, won’t we? Or zen. It depends on where you are standing. 

Let’s start with the definition of sin. It is basically breaking the laws of God. Please note that sin is not illegal. You are not breaking any legal rules by committing these sins—just the heavenly ones. Guess God is harsher on us than the Judiciary System. 

Let’s take a list of the seven so-called deadly sins and see why they would be sins in the first place. 

  • Pride: Where would we be if we did not have pride in our work or our achievements? At some point, our satisfaction in our work and the results is what would drive us to do better, won’t it? While concentrating on the mission and not the destination is nice to hear and all, I personally believe that pride is what makes us human. Real. 
  • Envy: Guilty of all charges. Envy is not a bad emotion, either. Unless you decide to shoot the target, envy is an emotion that could also play a role in motivating you and make you do better. “I lost the first rank to him. I will do better next time to get the first place”. That is a good place to be. Again, if you show signs of displeasure at someone else’s success, then it is a totally different ball game altogether. 
  • Gluttony: It is defined as habitual greed and excess eating. Again, where is the line? Who draws it? If my stomach’s capacity is greater than yours, then who is to judge how much I should eat? I am willing to work out harder and remove all the calories. I think I deserve the fatty food. 
  • Greed: Why would greed be a bad thing when being ambitious is not? What is the difference between the two? Is it the context or in the eye of the beholder? 
  • Lust: When Romeo first laid his eyes on Juliet, or when Goddess Ganga first met Shanthanu, what was the emotion? They are considered to be some of the greatest love stories in the history of mankind and the Gods. So, why is it a sin? 
  • Sloth: Oh, Come On! We all need a break. We are not made from the assembly line to keep going on and on. And it is the laziest people who find the smartest ways to complete a given task with the least effort possible. They probably work smart, not hard. No sir, sloth is just an animal, not a sin. 
  • Wrath: I commit this sin every day. As a parent, I think it is my human right to feel and display this emotion to the best of my ability. I need to express it; else I will either explode or worse. Let’s not discuss the worse here now. Wrath, to me, is almost prescribed for my mental health. 

When I go to a restaurant on an “I am going to eat anything I want” kind of day, I am pretty sure I look at the dessert section first. And I look for the most sinfully delicious chocolate cake. Here, it is almost a matter of pride for me to eat that kind of dish. And it would border on gluttony. Causing me to go home and get fairly sloth-y. 

We need to redefine the word sin.

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  1. A good old saying: ‘Life is for enjoyment but anything enloyable in life is either illegal, or immoral or bad for health’. A stark example of life’s contradictions and paradoxes. Ramu

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